Website Design

There are at least a quarter million "pre-built" website templates available on the internet that you can buy for under $100. If you want to buy one of those and guarantee no one else can buy your exact design it might cost you $2,500.

All those pre-built templates can only be customized if you have some level of experience and the required tools. They may look great. They may look easy. But the work to make one yours can be daunting. If you own and are proficient with a web editing program and 2 or 3 graphics programs and Flash you may be able to handle your own website. The same may be true for a shopping cart template, although one of those may require even more expertise. Often you need to modify the actual "code" of the shopping cart program to get exactly what you need.

The bottom line, if you're a non-expert, you'll certainly save yourself considerable amount of time and frustration by turning your project over to us. Again, it's not rocket science but if you're not familiar with the work it might look like it.

Plus, depending on your needs, our custom built site quotation may actually be considerably lower than an exclusive template purchase!

The General Process

  • You'll tell us exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish with a website and give us some idea of your thoughts and the look you want. You may want to send us your logo, if you have one and anything else that would give us material for a "concept layout". If you do not have any of these materials we can certainly help you develop them.
  • We'll give you an ESTIMATE of the cost. And, this is only an estimate. Until we know exactly what your website will require we cannot quote an EXACT cost. You may decide you need additional features along the way. You may want to add more items than you originally estimated, etc., etc. Our ESTIMATES are usually very accurate unless there are variations.
  • With your acceptance of the estimate we will begin by creating a static image (concept) of the general layout for your new website based on the information we have collected. You'll review and approve it or suggest changes. We'll go back and forth with you on this process up to 3 times at no charge.
  • Once you are satisfied with the concept we will email you our standard contract and request a 50% deposit based upon our best estimate of the total cost. Once the signed contract is returned signed via toll free fax and your 50% deposit has been paid by major credit card we will create your hosting account and begin the process of converting the concept to a working web page. Keep in mind that our quote will cover ALL costs including your domain name and first year of website hosting if those are required.
  • You'll be given a link to your new website address so that you can easily follow our progress every step of the way.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of your website you will be billed the remaining 50% of the cost.

This has NOTHING to do with our EXPANDED SEO services. We will prepare your pages with typical search engine content (supplied by you if you prefer). We will do everything possible to make your website search engine friendly during the construction process. However, our EXPANDED SEO program is a completely separate issue.