SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is perhaps the greatest license to steal in today's world. THOUSANDS of companies or individuals will promise to get you on the FRONT PAGE of GOOGLE, YAHOO & BING for prices that range from ridiculously low to insanely high. Just to put these grandiose promises into perspective consider these facts.....
  • an average of 75,000 - 100,000 domains are registered every day
  • there are well over 100,000,000 active registered domain names
  • there are 10 - 15 domains listed on the first page of  GOOGLE, YAHOO & BING in the "native search"
  • It's safe to say that the "the first page" challenge is monumental. Depending on the competition in your field it's sometimes just plain impossible. Not many will tell you that painful truth.

What makes us different?

We have several unique systems we have developed, particularly applicable to GOOGLE that have enabled us to accomplish what some might call miraculous success. SEO is somewhere an art and a science AND, most important, it requires YOUR active participation. Nothing you would consider hard work but there are some simple steps you'll need to take yourself.

Here are some of the key ingredients to your "potential miracle". Some may surprise you.

  • Keywords that your customers are searching for in your domain name are an imperative. If you'd like a demonstration of this fact simply go to GOOGLE and type in the words credit cards. The #1 listing may surprise you.
  • Customer testimonials and/or reviews of your business are essential.
  • Back links from other websites. We have some amazing tools and techniques for generating back links.
  • Videos (yes videos). Videos can be created from some pretty unusual and routine materials.
  • Page by page optimization of your website using the words your customers are searching for.
  • We'll stop here for competitive reasons. Let's just say that the amount of work involved is extensive.

We give you documented evidence of our success!

  • You'll receive reports from us showing you before and after ranks on the major search engines. You ranking should improve over time as well but at least you know the IMMEDIATE RETURN on your investment. You'll never hear us say "just wait and see".

We also share the risk!

  • As we mentioned above sometimes the mountain is just to steep to climb. It's rare but it happens in some intensely competitive fields. Many factors come into play. The number of your competitors, the age of your competitors websites, the level of optimization of your competitors websites, how widely and deeply connected your competitors are within the industry, etc., etc.
  • We don't work cheap but we only bill 50% of our fee up front. The balance is due when you (and we) see results. There are no monthly fees or long term contracts. Any updates and/or enhancements by our staff are totally up to you and billed separately.

We can assure you of one thing ... you won't find anyone anywhere that can do a better job!